Technical and Fundamental Analyst.A Balanced Approach

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Central Bank rates

NZD - 2.0%

AUD - 1.5%

CAD - 0.5%

USD - 0.5%

GBP - 0.25%

Fayaz Sadik Sait

Currency        |          Stocks             |           Indices           |     Gold     |       Oil


The mission is to provide unbaised and real time quality research and training.

Fayaz Sadik Sait


I am a Technical and fundamental analyst , a student of central bank policies.I shall here provide an insight into real time trade set ups, live market news updates and its impact on global markets and ofcourse all of this is for FREE.

Area of focus is Currency Trading and Research , Global Equity / Indices Trading and Research.

Fayaz Sadik Sait

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Disclaimer :- Trading is not for the weak hearted , Trading these instruments involves high level of risk and losses can exceed capital (depending on your FX Broker).My advises should be used as a medium to learn and not as a medium to get RICH.I dont have any formula for anyone to get RICH. I shall share no responsibility for anyone's profit or losses.Once again Trading is not for everyone.