Close the Positional Trade opened on 7/9/16

So here we are , its exactly one month since I posted a new positional trade.On Sep 7th 2016 a sell in NZD/USD was advised at 0.7435 level.The entire post can be read from here.

Since then we are saw a steady continuous down fall and we patiently waited and our first target for the trade got achieved today and price is now trading at 0.7135, so its time to pocket 300 pips of this trade and close this trade.I am not waiting for second target and consider this trade closed.

I will be back either today or Monday with a new trade and new set up.

Enjoy the weekend and trade safe.


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Disclaimer :- Trading is not for the weak hearted , Trading these instruments involves high level of risk and losses can exceed capital (depending on your FX Broker).My advises should be used as a medium to learn and not as a medium to get RICH.I dont have any formula for anyone to get RICH. I shall share no responsibility for anyone's profit or losses.Once again Trading is not for everyone.